Usability testing involves examining gamers’ behavior to reveal areas where their experience does not match with the design intent.

It measures the intuitiveness of the game design, its efficiency, accuracy, and the emotional response it evokes in potential customers.

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We implement best testing practices to ensure excellent game usability that boosts user satisfaction and business profits.

Usability testing enables assessing whether the game is relevant, understandable, and well-received by end-users. It covers numerous parameters, such as user interface, layout, navigation logic, and content characteristics. This testing type provides game developers with an accurate and unbiased opinion about the product, identifies critical problem areas, and offers insights into the user behavior. Moreover, the positive testing results confirm that your product meets customer expectations.

Platform and Tools

Software Infrastructure:
Add N Edit Cookies, BlackBerry Simulator, BugHerd, Confluence, Firebug, iFunBox, iTunes, Jira, Mantis, Mediawiki, Modify Headers, MustLive Remote Shell, Navicat, Nessus, Paros, Redmine, Slack, Snagit, SQL Shell, TestFlight, Testlink, TestRail, Trello, VMware Workstation, Windows Phone Developer Tools

Operating Systems:
Android, iOS Family, Linux Family OS, Mac Family OS, Windows 7 Pro, Windows Family OS