Functional testing involves examining the conformity of the software functionality to specification.
The goal of this testing type is to provide maximum code coverage, executing all the code in the service.

Keep Up with
Functional Requirements

We develop testing scenarios based directly on your requirements to ensure the proper working of each functionality for a bug-free game.

The functional testing strategy emerges from the joint effort of game developers and software testing engineers. It identifies the desired game functionalities while offering test cases to verify such functionalities got implemented under the product specification.

We use this testing type to detect progression blockages in interactive applications, as well as gameplay, graphic, and audio-visual issues in the entire game map. The professionally generated functional test suite enhances the quality and customer value of your product.

Platforms and Tools

Software Infrastructure:
Android SDK, Assembla, BlackBerry Simulator, Confluence, DroidExplorer, HockeyApp, Jira, JMeter, Mantis, Mercury LoadRunner, Slack, Snagit, Testlink, Trello, Windows Phone Developer Tools, Xcode

Operating Systems:
Android, iOS Family, Windows 7 Pro, Windows Family OS