Compatibility testing involves verifying the game runs seamlessly on different devices and hardware combinations.
To obtain the best result, it is essential to avoid emulators and work with real testing devices.

Test Compatibility to Secure
System Seamless Interactions

While compatibility issues have been among the biggest industry challenges, make sure people can actually play your game regardless of the device they use with proper testing.

Compatibility with hardware platforms, operating systems, browsers, and various screen resolutions builds the foundation that the game requires to flourish with the intended functionality. By performing compatibility testing, QA pros ensure that the product runs flawlessly on as many different devices and hardware combinations as possible.

Our qualified team is employing the most advanced tools on the market to make sure a game operates as expected in different environments, covering the larger market share and preventing reputational risks.

Platforms and Tools

Software Infrastructure:
Confluence, iFunBox, Mantis, Pivotal Tracker , Snagit, System Console, TestFlight, Testlink

Operating Systems:
Android, iOS Family, Windows Family OS