and Localization Testing

Internationalization and localization tests focus on the game content, user interface translation, and cultural appropriateness.
QA engineers evaluate the game both from a cultural and linguistic perspective to make sure it can be released in the
multicultural marketplace.

Enable Global Visibility
for Your Game

With internationalization and localization testing, you can maximize benefits and show commitment to regional target segments releasing your game across multiple markets, simultaneously.

Internationalization and Localization is the process of customizing the game for the end-user according to their cultural characteristics. Testing validates the accuracy of the translation, time/currency/phone number formatting, appropriateness of chosen graphics, and other cultural considerations.

This testing type stimulates an increase in product quality and allows releasing the game globally for comparatively less cost and allowing customers to engage with gameplay at a more meaningful level. On the other hand, without internationalization and localization testing, there is a risk of revenue loss, customer dissatisfaction, and potential damage to corporate image.

Platforms and Tools

Software Infrastructure:
BugZilla, Confluence, DeviceAnywhere, iExplorer, iFunBox, iTunes, J2EE, Jira, Mantis, MS Web Application Stress Tool, Selenium IDE, Selenium Web Driver, Selenium-Grid, Snagit, TestFlight, Testlink, TestNG, VMware Workstation, Wapt, Watir, Xcode

Operating Systems:
Linux Family OS, Mac Family OS, Multi-platform, Windows Family OS

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