VR games

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Genre: Simulation

Immerse yourself in the new interactive office in Dubai, watch the company’s history, and complete quizzes to earn points. The user can create their own design for each room and decorate it with items. Multiplayer is available and you and a colleague can discuss what you see and answer questions together

For this project, we executed functional, regression, and localization testing. Testing Platform: Windows. Tools: Jira, Steam VR, Snagit

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Genre: Escape the Room

Escape The Room puts players in a future where society has collapsed amid rapid technological progress. People are modifying their own bodies extensively. Your group, made up of cyborgs equipped with special skills, has decided to steal some rare data from the archives of an influential corporation

For this project, we executed functional, new features, questline, performance testing, and localization testing, as well as providing consultancy for functional and questline improvements.
Testing platform: Windows. Tools: Trello, TestRail

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