GUI testing

The graphical user interface of a game reflects its concept and preferences of the target market. Customized scripts and manual testing for GUI ensures its correct operation and high quality of visual elements.

Test GUI to Guarantee
Usability, Efficiency, and Satisfaction

We understand that the success of the game immensely depends on how the GUI interacts with the user, that is why our testing approaches are smart and effective.

Graphic User Interface is a visual representation of the underlying functionality that allows a player to interact with the game. It requires structure, hierarchy, and clarity, as well as indisputable functional impeccability. The fact that GUIs constitute a larger part of the total code makes their correct operation imperative while necessitating unique testing tools and techniques.

GUI testing involves checking the parameters of all the graphical elements, fonts, colors, alignments, images, and verifying their positioning for different screen resolutions. To perform this type of testing, we follow a manual-based approach to ensure the flawless result based on a thorough target market, platforms, and operating systems analysis.

Platforms and Tools

Software Infrastructure:
Assembla, Bamboo , BugZilla, Confluence, DroidExplorer, F-Secure SSH Client, Firebug, iFunBox, Jira, JMeter, Mantis, Mediawiki, Mercury LoadRunner, MS Project, Pivotal Tracker , ProcDump + PSTools, Selenium Tools, Slack, Snagit, TestFlight, Testlink, Trello, VMware Workstation

Operating Systems:
Android, iOS Family, Linux Family OS, Mac Family OS, Multi-platform, Windows 7 Pro, Windows Family OS