and Load testing

Performance testing allows assessing the game responsiveness, stability, and refresh rate under high loads or various user interaction patterns. Conducting this type of testing is mandatory as game performance is closely related to good user experience.

Nothing Should Slow Down
the Gaming Experience

Get the optimal result with the smooth gameplay, system stability, and graphics performance up to snuff with professionally conducted performance testing.

Performance testing determines how quickly the game operates while providing grounds for necessary optimization. Tests of this type can also expose coding errors indicated by a significant change in performance from a previous release. It varies on the game genre, gameplay, graphics, multiplayer functionalities, and more.

In the meantime, load testing, as a subset of the performance testing, establishes how the game throughput varies under increasing load up to a required maximum. When the system runs above capacity, it uncovers possible bottlenecks and parts of game or infrastructure requiring optimization.

Platforms and Tools

Software Infrastructure:
Android SDK, Assembla, Bamboo , Confluence, Firebug, Jira, JMeter, JUnit, Mercury LoadRunner, Pivotal Tracker, Reflector, Selenium Tools, Slack, SoapUI, SVN, TestFlight, Testlink, TestNG, Trello, Vysor, Xcode, Zephyr

Operating Systems:
Android, iOS Family, Mac Family OS, Multi-platform, Windows Family OS